Concert Wind Band in South-East Cornwall
The Westernairs The   Westernairs   consist   of   about   40   amateur musicians    mostly    from    South    East    Cornwall who   play   for   pleasure   and   charity.   The   current Musical   Director   is   Susie   Tolley   a   professional musician     from     St     Cleer     who     is     also     the founding   MD.    The   continued   success   of   the band     is     down     to     her,     though     the     band committee    do    relieve    her    of    some    of    the administrative tasks. We   practice   every   Tuesday   evening   at   Liskeard Methodist   Church   Hall    from   7.30   -   9.30pm   and always    welcome    new    players    so    if    you    are interested   in   joining   us   check   out   the   “Contact Us“ and “How to join“ links. The      band      consists      of      flutes,      clarinets, saxophones,   trombones,   euphoniums,   french horns,      trumpets,      tubas,      xylophone      and percussion.       We      have      a      few      concerts throughout   the   year,   at   local   Fetes,   Carnivals, Schools   and   Christmas   events.    Any   monies   we raise is donated to charity.  
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